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This webserver: About time I implemented HTTPS

I’ve been postponing this much to long So I’ve done some HTTPS implementation with Nginx, WordPress and Let’s Encrypt. Dare I say I did a pretty good job as well. So no more “This website is insecure” message when visiting this domain. Every subdomain now has it’s own SSL certificate ensuring more privacy and security while on the websites that… Read more »

PHP: Simple multi-purpose user-tracker

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Introduction A while ago I needed something that could track visitors and some basic information. I wrote this simple user-tracker that stores the IP, Host-name, Browser-agent, date of last visit and visitor count into a MySQL database table. This piece of code relies on my own database class which you can find here, however you’re free to alter this code… Read more »

PHP: Multi purpose MySQL database class

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Introduction I’v been writing a general purpose MySQL database class a while back. I’ve already implemented this class in a couple of projects I’m working on. I’m still working on this class as I go but this is the first however incomplete version of my multi purpose MySQL class I’m giving away for free.¬†You may use this class freely and… Read more »