Some thoughts on stuff

Well, back again after not caring about this site for a while..

I seriously need to keep up with updating the HTTPS certificates, thing is it requirs monthly renewals since I use a free service for that. Also the way it works with certbot is just annoying. I prefer to close down port 80 http on my gateways since it’s not secure and just use 443 https. Certbot however decides to send a challange on port 80 http so i’ve to leave it open. I also previously routed traffic originating from port 80 to https, that too doesn’t make certbot happy. So to hell with it, both port 80 and 443 are now open, I will update the https certificates regularly and you can choose if you want a secure or non-secure connection meaning: I leave it up to you to pay attention to the https:// part of my URL.

Another thing I got to get off my chest is Debian. What the fuck happened? All the good software has left the repository, network stuff has changed to something I don’t like, can’t get used to or don’t want to get used to, can’t use Wine + winetricks properly anymore, there is a lot of AMD driver bullshittery going on. Maybe I’m missing something but I get the feeling Debian used to be better.

Anyway since this corona lockdown crap I’ve been playing a lot of Space Engineers again, I wanted to get this site up again so I can host my own video’s on here. May also host on Youtube and post to steam, we’ll see.

That was basically it, thanks for reading.