Computer: Airflow Upgrade

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A few days ago I ordered two extra 120mm fans, and have installed those as chassis fans on my Prime B350-plus motherboard. They are located on the side panel of the case blowing air inside. I’ve got two additional fans, one at the front blowing air in and at the back blowing out, those came with the case and are hooked up to a manual controlled VRM driven fan controller. Hopefully now I’ve got my airflow a bit more neutral or maybe even a bit positive.

I really want to say thank you, to all of my fans


Since I can now properly air-cool my system, I can overclock this machine with a bit more peace of mind. I’m still using my stock Ryzen 5 Wraith Stealth cooler to dissipate much of the heat but when overclocking the VRM’s and the RAM get really hot as well. The stock Ryzen cooler passes some air to the heat sinks on the VRM’s but i felt it wasn’t quite enough when setting the VRM’s to it’s extreme settings. Also, all of the DIMM slots are populated as well, they could use some fresh air from outside the case.

I’ve manage to overclock my Ryzen 5 1400 4C/8T (stock 3.2GHz)  to 3.6 GHz, which is a 400 MHz overclock, while only adding 0.05 volts to the stock 1.2 volts core voltage. The temps are pretty good as well, case temps are 34 C and the CPU temp is 45 C. These temps happen when all four of the cores are mining Monero at around 160 Hashes / sec and with almost 600 Hashes / sec on my ASUS RX 570. All because of the addition of a few extra fans that expel the heat from the system.

Asus Performance utilities, overclocking department.

Fan curves are pretty decent, it’s running in turbo mode ( somewhere in the middle of the fancurves ) and while you can hear the fans a bit, it isn’t to disturbing.

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