I’m back

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Hello readers

It has been a while since I’ve posted here, but I’m back. I had a lot of stuff going on, creating, updating and testing my Minecraft modpack, setting up a VPS and testing the modpack server but also administrative things like setting up my own hosting business and working on getting that financed blabla..

Future plans for this site

I’m working on setting up my unique Minecraft hosting company and that requires a whole lot of PHP coding. I plan on creating a community platform for those who play on my Minecraft server and also who make use of my business. I will post the code I write on this site for those who want to use my code or want to learn PHP.

I will also write a couple of articles around the subject of internet privacy. Over here in the Netherlands new legislation will come to life essentially giving the Dutch intelligence agencies the right to hack your computers and smartphones or listening in on you internet traffic. I’m going to do some research into how you can use virtual private servers and virtual private networks that you can set up and own yourself to protect yourself from such legislation as much as possible. I’ll dive a bit deeper into the union router project as well, combined with virtual private servers and virtual private networks. The ever increasing thread on freedom of speech requires that you protect your online speech as much as possible, and setting up a tor hidden service is a very good method to do so. I intend to write about my findings on here later as well. Maybe I will write tutorials maybe I will not, I actually don’t have much time to keep myself busy with political matters like this.


Thanks for reading my shot post for now. I’ll get another article up soon so stay tuned if you’re interested in PHP programming.

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