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Debian 8: Essential Bash commands

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Introduction This will be a short article on a few essential Bash commands you should know to effectively use Debian 8 after a clean install without a graphical desktop environment. You’re going to learn basic file-system navigation, installing and removing programs and some basic process management. We will also look at a few options to each essential bash command. So… Read more »

Howto install Debian 8

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Introduction I often get questions from people asking me how to install Linux, and they expect me to give them a four sentence answer that explains everything in detail. To avoid that in the future i’d like to have something I can point people to, and it will not be a four sentence solution this time. This article will focus… Read more »

Android Tablets: Denver TAD-90032MK2 recovery

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Introduction So for my birthday I got this Denver TAD-90032MK2 tablet from my girlfriend and her parents. It’s a nice tablet, it has a reasonable performance and is quite responsive. It has a dualcore 1.5 GHz A23 CPU with a reasonable OpenGL compliant graphics rendering device which allows for faster game rendering. On the memory side it’s a bit sparse… Read more »

so you want to be a hacker..

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Introduction To start off this article I want to write about my motivation to write this article. For a good while now, a matter of years, I’ve seen people asking ‘how to be a hacker’. I’ve also seen other people trying to teach those asking ‘how to hack’ with just tools and techniques to break into other systems. I’ve seen… Read more »