Computer: Airflow Upgrade

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Hi, A few days ago I ordered two extra 120mm fans, and have installed those as chassis fans on my Prime B350-plus motherboard. They are located on the side panel of the case blowing air inside. I’ve got two additional fans, one at the front blowing air in and at the back blowing out, those came with the case and… Read more »

This webserver: About time I implemented HTTPS

I’ve been postponing this much to long So I’ve done some HTTPS implementation with Nginx, WordPress and Let’s Encrypt. Dare I say I did a pretty good job as well. So no more “This website is insecure” message when visiting this domain. Every subdomain now has it’s own SSL certificate ensuring more privacy and security while on the websites that… Read more »

PHP: Simple image resizer class

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Intro I needed a flexible piece of code that could resize images so I came up with this. It takes a source filename, a destination filename, destination width and height, and the option to retain the image ratio. The code will figure out if it’s a PNG of JPEG based image based on the exif data of the image. There… Read more »

I’m back

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Hello readers It has been a while since I’ve posted here, but I’m back. I had a lot of stuff going on, creating, updating and testing my Minecraft modpack, setting up a VPS and testing the modpack server but also administrative things like setting up my own hosting business and working on getting that financed blabla.. Future plans for this… Read more »

Internet surveillance: Are you powerless?

Introduction So we’ve entered into the surveillance age a while ago, especially on the internet. Everything you say or do is recorded forever and can be used against you whenever and however intelligence agencies see fit. Essentially, nothing you post on the internet is private. I would like to write out some thoughts I’ve been walking around with for quite… Read more »

PHP: Basic input validate and sanitize class

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Introduction I’ve written a basic form input validate and sanitize class using the PECL filter system. I needed this class as there will be many forms that needs verification and sanitizing. Its pretty straightforward: if a class member doesn’t return false it returns the validated and sanitized data. You’re free to use this class and change it as you see… Read more »