PHP: Multi purpose MySQL database class

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I’v been writing a general purpose MySQL database class a while back. I’ve already implemented this class in a couple of projects I’m working on. I’m still working on this class as I go but this is the first however incomplete version of my multi purpose MySQL class I’m giving away for free. You may use this class freely and implement this class in whatever project you like. However, the GNU General Public License version 3 applies, as noted in the source-code.


As of now the class only gets, inserts and updates records in a database. I’m implementing functions that allows for searching, and returning row-counts and probably more functions later. The constructor sets a persistent MySQL server connection whenever you instantiate the class as and object somewhere else. You can call the public functions from that object and mind the arguments. You’re free to do with this class whatever you want as long as you keep my original name in the top comment of the code.

The code


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